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Assisted Living Medical Program

Our Assisted Living Facility Program is made up of 7 Physicians and 8 Nurse Practitioners that work together to provide individualized care to residents in Assisted Living communities in the Merrimack Valley, North Shore, Southern New Hampshire, and Greater Boston areas.

Each Assisted Living Facility also has a dedicated Medical Assistant that rounds with our clinicians and works behind the scenes to coordinate treatment plans to ensure optimal care for our patients.


NECMS provides comprehensive individualized care that includes scheduled weekday visits, as well as, 24-hour/7-days per week clinical on-call phone coverage support for all of your health care needs.


Laboratory tests, x-rays, and other diagnostic mobile tests are arranged to be performed at your facility in the comfort of your own home.


NECMS will coordinate your care at a hospital of your choice should the need for a hospitalization arise. We are affiliated with over 60 Skilled Nursing/Rehab facilities should your hospital stay require further rehabilitation. Our office can help coordinate admission to an affiliated facility to maintain continuity of care with a member of the NECMS Skilled Nursing/Rehab Facility Team

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